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The Guild Reborn...

The Bounty Hunters Guild was, is, and shall be a home to those who cleanse the galaxy of its filth where governments and security forces dare not venture or hold no jurisdiction. Bounties shall not be posted in the open, and hunters shall be licensed with codenames, ensuring confidentiality for all clients and members. Besides bounty acquisitions, they can also be hired to protect clients and cargo. They serve no governments and take no sides. In the darkest corners and alleyways they lurk, waiting to strike fear into the hearts of those who scorn the rightful order of the galaxy.

This newest incarnation of the group will be getting back to theoriginal premise of what a Bounty Hunters' group is really made for,and away from the drama of petty politics and struggles for trivialpower. Its founding members had been patiently waiting for this day tocome, when they could come together to rebuild a new Guild that wouldhonor the old ways, and train a new generation of hunters.


The new leadership is picking up the discarded standard, breathing newlife into the guild, and returning it to its roots - huntingacquisitions. The hunters will be held together, in brotherhood andhonor, by the rules of the Bounty Hunters’ Creed.


The traditional organization of the Bounty Hunters Guild will remain.It is comprised of smaller groups, called Houses, according to aspecialty or from being an established team already, with the leader ofeach having a seat on the legislative body, the Guild Council, allreporting to the Guildmaster.


It is our honor to open up three new houses to once again bring in new blood to the guild and expnd their spere of influance throughout the galexy. We will be hated and ignored, Threatend and Attacked, but we shall stand together and build ourself another strong generation of bounty hunters. 


Join Us!

To join the Guild simply click on the "factions" link in your swc control panel, click join faction, and then select "Bounty Hunters Guild" from the drop down menu. If you were recruited by a current member please state so on your application. Further Instructions will be DM'd to you via the combine.

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